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  MICRO - OHM METER Model : indi 953


  Display   1999 Count LCD

  1 micro ohms to 19.99 K ohms in 8 full scale ranges of
  0-1999 micro ohms, 0-19.99 milli ohms,
  0-199.9 milli  ohms,
  0-1999 milli ohms,
  0-19.99 ohms, 0-199.9 ohms,
  0-1999 ohms and 0-19.99 K ohms

  Resolution   1 micro ohms in 1999 micro ohms range,
  0.01milli ohms 19.99 milli ohms range,
  0.1milli ohms in 199.9 milli ohms range,
  1 milli ohms in 1999 milli ohms range,
  0.01 ohms in 19.99 ohms range,

  0.1 ohms in 199.9 ohms range,
  1 ohm in 1999 ohms in 19.99 K ohms range

  0.2 % 2 least counts in all ranges

  except in 200 milli ohms, 20 milli ohms and 2000 micro ohms ranges.
  0.5% +_ 3 least count in 200 milli ohms,
  20 milli ohms and 2000 micro ohms ranges

  Test Current

  1 Amp DC in 1999 micro ohms, 19.99 milli ohms,
  199.9 milli ohms and 1999 milli ohms ranges.
  0.1    amp DC in 19.99 ohms range,
  10 milli amp DC in
199.9 ohms range,
  1 milli amp DC in ohms range,
  0.1 milli amp DC in 19.99 K ohms range

  4 Terminal
  Stability   25 PPM / C
  Over Range   1 or 1 is displayed
  Supply   23010%VAC

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